Bespoke wooden products 


Wooden products for HoReCa are a trend that is gaining more and more popularity every year. Environmental friendliness of natural wood, aesthetically pleasing appearance and the ability to make any product according to an individual drawing make wood products the No. 1 solution for cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and catering places.

In distinction from plastic products, which often look cheap and quickly wear out, branded wooden accessories will highlight the status and style of your establishment.



     Bespoke wooden products




Crafthouz is a custom manufacturer of natural wood products. We manufacture accessories and inventory for HoReCa in accordance with international quality standards, using the best types of wood (oak, ash, pine, maple).

We manufacture products such as:

-        cutting boards;

-        trays;

-        serving products;

-        wooden spoons;

-        menues for restaurants made of wood;

-        A-shaped pavement signs with a slate board;

-        wooden mugs;

-        various wall decorations (wheels, steering wheels, wineracks for bottles);

-        candlesticks;

-        bag in box for pouring wine and other drinks, in the form of an oak barrel;

-        napkin holders with salt and pepper compartments;

-        racks for reserve tables;

-        wooden boxes;

-        fruit trays;

-        wooden boxes for wine;

-        wooden salt and pepper shakers;

-        wooden counters (boxes for counting) and much more.



     Bespoke wooden plates and bowls



      Bespoke wooden spoons and mash paddles


      Bespoke wooden cutting  boards



Our team will offer the best conditions on the market, since we have our own manufacture and can implement any of your ideas and requests. We make any kind of wooden products according to your sketches, photos, or we can create our own sketch based on your wishes and preferences. Our designers will take into account all your wishes and will create a unique prototype of products that have no analogues in competitors.


All products can be branded by engraving or applying your symbols.



      Bespoke wooden chopping board




The HoReCa wooden crafts will suit to:

-        Establishments that seek to emphasize their own unique style and stand out brightly from competitors. We will help you create an original design of wood products.

-        Cafes, bars and restaurants that emphasize high quality. In such establishments, wooden accessories are must-have interior items.

-        Establishments which value environmental friendliness and care about the comfort and health of their visitors. Your customers will appreciate serving products made from natural wood instead of low-quality plastic.

-        To those who know that true beauty should be expressed even in small things. Wooden accessories with symbols will help to highlight your excellent taste and attention to detail



      Bespoke wooden chopping boards




       Bespoke wooden cutting round boards



       Bespoke wooden cerving boards


Why customers choose CraftHouz wooden accessories

Dozens of HoReCa establishments throughout Ukraine have already taken advantage of the benefits of cooperation with us. We invite you to evaluate the benefits of working with us.

High quality materials

We carefully select the wood for our products: stable wood with the best quality-price ratio, unique pattern and texture. This is the value of wood products - each piece of accessories, thanks to the unique pattern of natural wood, will be unique and inimitable.

CraftHouz makes products from high quality varieties: oak, ash, pine, maple.


   Bespoke wooden boxes for presents



          Bespoke wooden vegetables boxes



        Bespoke wooden crates oak



Modern manufacturing technologies

Wooden accessories are manufactured on a modernly equipped production facility in accordance with international quality standards. Each piece is precision grounded and calibrated to give our customers long-lasting, durable products with a perfectly smooth coating.


Pleasant prices

Availaility of our own production enables us to offer our clients favorable terms of cooperation. We implement a full production cycle: from drawing to finished product at attractive prices. You just need to place an order and get an individual miscalculation.


Unique products

We make accessories and inventory according to individual drawings and sketches. Our team realizes your most challenging ideas and your highest requirements. Designers, engineers and constructors will work on the project. You will receive unique accessories with your branding applied or engraved.




      Bespoke wooden bowls and candle holders



      Bespoke wooden bottles carriage




       Bespoke wooden wedding card holders barrels



       Bespoke wooden items



       Bespoke wooden shelves



       Bespoke wooden boat wheels and cart wheels



        Bespoke wooden wine bottles racks



        Woonde oak barel bar and table



        Bespoke wooden small stools



        Bespoke wooden bar stools




Wide assortment

The assortment of our catalog includes dozens of positions, but that's not all. Any of your ideas for creating wooden accessories for HoReCa, shops or at home will be implemented by our team!

Let's collaborate!


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